Merge data of multiple panels in grafana

I am using JSON Plugin in grafana to fetch data from rest api.I am using multiple value variables in the queries of the panel.
But when i am using multi value variable in the query of the panel,the panel is populated with the data of single value of the variable,when i select multiple values ,am not getting any data
I have tried enabling panel repetition option,then am getting data for multiple vaules of the variable in multiple panels.
I want the combined data for all the values of the variable.
Any suggestions would be greatly helpful

Hi @charishmavinny

I think in this situation that it might help if you shared your panel JSON and some screenshots of the issue :+1:

Hi @mattabrams ,
Thank you for replying to the post.
Here is the panel where am fetching the count from the URL specified in the path.
i am using a dynamic multi value variable .

When i select multiple values of the variable ,am unable to fetch any data

I am able to fetch data in different panels for each value of the variable by enabling panel repetition.

But i am looking for a way to get all the data in a single panel,instead of multiple panels.

If you were able to merge both panels into a single pannel please post you solution.