Disable two same values

Hello. How i can disable two line of the same value?
I get only int values - 174,175,176 - or other. But Grafana graph two same values - 175 and 175 with various lines(for example) - it should be as one.

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To be clear, Grafana is plotting whatever data you are feeding it. So if you are getting two series, then you are feeding it two series.

To have just one of your two series visualized, either delete one of the series, or you can click on the series name and it will appear “solo”

I dont understand ).
I need to see (for example) value 175 only as one line.
Now on the left we see 175 and 175, 174 and 174 - and they are drawing as various lines.
So i need to see on line 175 or 174 - that is the problem.

Can you share a screenshot of your queries that are used to generate the graph?