Dictating what API call is showed in Query Inspector

I am building an app plugin with a panel and datasource. The panel calls an API to get some of their configuration which will determine some of the appearance of my panel. The problem I have is that the Query inspector is catching this call instead of the query that is sent based on the configurations in the datasource. Is there anyway that I can force the Query Inspector to use the response from my datasource.query

For clarification, I’m creating a plugin to display alerts coming from Alerta. Within Alerta there is configuration to set the color styling for displaying severities. I’m using this configuration to style the column. But that configuration response is what is displaying in the Query Inspector instead of my query to fetch alerts.

Do you use ‘A’ as an Id in the color query similar to your Alerta query? I have not tried it, but what will happen if you use ‘B’? Will you see 2nd data frame in Query Inspector?