Query Inspector stop working

Query Inspector stop working, and stop showing any responses just gray dots spin.

But metrics still displaying properly.
Could someone help with this or know what happen or some faced with the same issue ?

Any errors in the Chrome Dev Tools console?

No error were found in Dev Tool. But I see a lot of queries to AWS api with type xhr and 200 http code.

What data source is this for? Cloudwatch?

If so then it will be fixed in the next release of Grafana:

Yes, it’s AWS CloudWatch. Ok, thanks will wait next Grafana release :worried:

A tad late to the party, but …
Don’t tell anyone, but I’ve just fought a similar battle, with my installation that would not show any data for all my interface-*. I’ve dug deeper than deep on Google and wondered if it was a mismatch between carbon/whisper whatnot that prevented Grafana showing data.
It saw the node entries alright, and the query/panel could be saved to the dashboard - just “no data points”.
And Query Inspector would never respond, just show the “Spinning wheel”.

Then, just 30 minutes ago, I noticed that some douchebag actually at some point clicked the “eye icon” for the query. The threesome icon rack was light gray, not white. (Which is the only indication offered by the GUI?)

When clicking that eye again, the data was shown and the query inspector worked again.

I don’t know if that’s “my fault alone” or if Grafana could maybe have said in some less than uncertain terms that user is a jerk for hiding data and then trying to show them anyway.

I’m sure this is an error, only I have ever made :stuck_out_tongue:

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