Define minimal time-interval per metric instead of per graph


First of all, thank you for your beautiful software !!!

My setup: Grafana 3.6 together with elasticsearch 6

I’m trying to plot metrics in a graph that have different update frequencies, the fastest updates every second and the slowest updates every 10 seconds or so.
When plotting every second (by setting the per graph minimal time to 1s) I can get the other metrics to show a perfect graph by ignoring null values or by setting minimal doc count to 1… works like a charm :slight_smile:


These are metrics from diesel engines and when the engine is stopped there are no metrics at all. Using the min_doc_count or ignoring null values connects ALL dots, also if they are 24 hours apart…

I’ve tried to set the date histogram interval to >10s but it gives me the error “failed to parse >10s”… Reading about it it seems other datasources do have this option.

Is this option missing in the elasticsearch datasource or am I using a wrong format ?
Or maybe there is an other way to get the desired behaviour ? (connect the dots only if they are no more then X seconds apart -per metric- )

Thanx !

you cannot set min interval per query currently

That’s a pity, it would be nice to keep the maximum resolution on zooming in.
It would be a nice feature though, I’ll see if the source code is beyond me or not…

Thanx !