Grafana data source elastic min time interval missbehavior


I have a little problem with grafana. I’m trying to make a graph with data stored into an elasticsearch server, and when I query and filter the information to make sense of the data, and in a 7 days span (I’m saving a report once a day, so I know there’s data stored in the elastic database) but it doesn’t show any pie graphics, but when I manually change the min time interval in the data source to 7 days it shows the proper data.

Later on when I want all the data of the last 30 days I get the graph of the data of the 7 days (with min time interval set to auto) until I change the min time interval to 60 days (I tried 7, 15, 20 days and the data showed its totally incorrect), I’m not understanding the behavior of grafana in this matter. Thinking the data stored was no correct, I tried to make the same graphic in kibana to see if I get what I want, and so it was

I dont know if more information its require, because I don’t know how what the problem could be, so ask me for more information to debug if needed.

Thanks in advance