Debug invalid password

I’m using Grafana 10.4.2 @ RHEL 8.9

admin user started logging invalid password and has been locked for too many incorrect attempts since May 11 and I cannot see what’s going on. The user has the same password since installation (changed from default admin:admin).

Now I only login with admin user if disable brute force protection
Here is the log:
logger=authn.password t=2024-05-14T14:31:03.973442286-03:00 level=debug msg=“Failed to authenticate password identity” client=grafana error=“[password-auth.invalid] invalid password”

If I try to login with a wrong password from login form, the log shows my remote_addr, so I supposed that error is something internal from Grafana.

Who is trying to use admin user and how can I update the password?

welcome @bottucuna

backup your grafana database.

create another user with admin permissions. log in using that user to test everything works. delete admin if that is possible. or never use admin. disable it or something.

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