Dates in graph panel doesn't match with my data (CSV file)

I’m using my own field as the timestamp to plot my graphs, I am using Logstash to push the data from ES onto my Grafana dashboard.

Here’s an excerpt from my logstash’s conf. file

match => [ “pooldate”, “yyyyMMdd”]
target => “pooldate”

               match => [ "pooldate", "MM/dd/yyyy"]
               target => "pooldate"

My grafana datasource acknowledges pooldate as time field, it’s just that dates inside my csv file doesn’t match with that to grafana graph panel.

For Instance, -

dates inside my csv files for the month of feb-
5th, 16th, 23rd & 27th
dates in graph panel for the same -
3rd,13th & 23rd feb

I’m perplexed as to why this happened, Any idea anyone? Please help!

it was all happening due to the interval that we mistakenly set to 5d while defining the metrics…