Date Histogram based on an Date from within elastic docs

Would it be possible to base (X-axis) a graph panel on a elastic doc’ Date other than the @timestamp?

Or how might I bucketize documents based on a Date like my signature_updated with these documents?

Maybe hints on howto do something like split series with in Kibana:

I think you have to make a new Data Source with ‘Time field name’ as signature_update.
And than use this new data source in your panel.

Ok, this may work. But howto possible to something like splitting/sub aggregating like in KIbana then?

Here is an example for not time histogram. Not sure if it will help you for date histogram.

You always can split up results with new terms:

To deal with the column colors, you have to play around with regex color settings

I am not sure, if a staple plot is possible.

@jlau Thanks that I’m familiar with, only I seemed to fail in doing this with my date fields, will have another look into this later…