Having multiple timestamp columns in dataset

I have my data source as Elasticsearch in which I have three different columns that hold the timestamp values.
I need to create a line chart wherein first line shows the actuals with respect to time1 , another line on the same chart shows actuals2 with respect to time2 .
So my question: Is there a way to set two timestamps or set all the timestamps in elasticsearch as wildcard in the data source created in Grafana.
If i cannot set them i am unable to plot date histogram based line chart because only the default comes ie (time1) in the query drop down i cannot plot anything wrt time2.
An early help would be highly appreciated.

@akshay12 You can do this - you will need to create a datasource for each timestamp and then use the Meta Queries Plugin at GitHub - GoshPosh/grafana-meta-queries: Grafana plugin for calculating time period metrics like week over week, month over month and year over year etc.

When you configure an Elasticsearch Data Source, you specify the timestamp field. You will need to create separate Data Sources, one with each timestamp field specified.

Then build your graph using the Meta Queries Datasource, and then add a query for each of the Data Sources by time stamp. I attached an example here where I am doing it - 3 separate data sources, the first 2 use the standard @timestamp field, the last one though uses a different field ‘Insert_Time’ which I configured in the Data Source config.