Datarange json doesnt work

Iam using the latest version from Grafana. But when I use a json cal, the data range filter doesnt work anymore. Can someone please help me?

Iam using inity btw for JSON.


What do you mean by the above? Also can you please provide sample json data structure without sensitive data

In the datasource iam getting the fallowing json back:

"Name": "person ",
"Place": "New york"
"date": 1652616970


I can see that the data is correcly loaded in the table. But the problem is, I cant use the data range in Grafana. I dont know how to set it up.

Can you yhelp me with this.
Thank you very much.

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Which data range filter? Are you using uql? also what kind of visual are you trying to use? timeseries?

Iam trying to use this (see picture)

answer these please
that is a date filter. not data unless that is date in another language :wink:

Iam not using uql. What do you mean with visual?

bar chart, gauge, stats, timeseries?


This is the correct json btw:

"Name": "person ",
"Place": "New york"
"date": 1652616970,
"Longitude": 1234,
"Latitude ":456

Pretty sure there is still more data missing you are not showing. Sorry cant help you

How do I connect date field in JSon with date range filter in Grafana?

Must i define a variable or something?

Might also help to ask the developer of that plugin

| jsonata "*[date>=${__from:date:seconds} and date<=${__to:date:seconds}]"
| extend "date"=unixtime_seconds_todatetime("date")
| order by "date" asc