Filtering with Simple Json Data Source


I have setup simple json data source to connect to kdb, which I can send query and receive data back. I’d like to add some filtering to the GUI here similar to how the influxdb data source plugin works with the WHERE and GROUP BY, and adding new fields to the query. How can I add these filters to the Grafana frontend so its easier to formulate the queries?

It’s very simple. You must write own datasource instead simple-json.

I totally love this request. We have started to build a better JSON datasource.

For time being it already allows you to send arbitrary “payload” JSON as part of the query request. Response filtering would be another great addition. e.g. as requested in

For time being I’ve not found a good approach yet for replicating jq-like functionality in javascript. Any idea how to do that in a straightforward manner would be highly appreciated.


Oh wow cool thanks for sending link. Sorry not sure aoubt jq-like func.