Database not found error Grafana-influxdb source

I have installed both Grafana and influxdb on an clean unbuntu 18.
I was able to add an influxdb source and got a successful test.
but the queries always fail with a “database not found error”
Influxdb does not have a field for database name, only buckets.
The query language selected is InfluxQL. If I choose FLUX for the query language then the data source “save and test” function fails.

When setting up a query, the queries always fail with a response of “database not found”. I can see in the query the database name is the bucket name used in InfluxQL.
I am confused, is the bucket name the same as database name?

The data does exist in the InfluxDB bucket, I am able to plot the data in InfluxDB directly.

Hi. Had the same problem - here is the solution: Setting up InfluxDB v2 (Flux) with InfluxQL in Grafana | by Ivana Huckova | Medium