Data source exists, but doesn't

So I’m trying to set up a job to synchronize a data source and a dashboard to specific organizations in Grafana through the API. However after the data source is created, some things say it exists, and some things say it doesn’t exist. For example if I go to data sources management in the UI, it shows up in the list. But if click on the data source, it just shows blank, not an empty form, just a blank frame (the browser request inspector shows a valid response when it retrieves the data source). Also when I click “build a dashboard” button in the data sources list, it says Data source with UID "jx8sowPnz" not found. And when I query it via the API, It comes back fine:

# curl -u myuser:mypass https://mygrafana/api/datasources/uid/jx8sowPnz -H 'X-Grafana-Org-Id: 17'
  "id": 17001,
  "uid": "jx8sowPnz",
  "orgId": 17,
  "name": "edgestats-c3733",
  "type": "postgres",
  "typeLogoUrl": "",
  "access": "proxy",
  "url": "mydburl",
  "user": "c3733_access",
  "database": "",
  "basicAuth": false,
  "basicAuthUser": "",
  "withCredentials": false,
  "isDefault": false,
  "jsonData": {
    "database": "edgestats",
    "maxIdleConns": 2,
    "maxOpenConns": 8,
    "postgresVersion": 1200,
    "sslmode": "verify-ca",
    "timeInterval": "1m",
    "timescaledb": true,
    "tlsAuth": true,
    "tlsAuthWithCACert": true,
    "tlsConfigurationMethod": "file-content",
    "tlsSkipVerify": false
  "secureJsonFields": {
    "password": true,
    "tlsCACert": true
  "version": 1,
  "readOnly": false

What is going on? Why do I have Schrodinger’s data source?

Grafana version 9.4.15

Try CTRL+F5, what’s in the browser console?
Are you syncing Grafanas on the same version?

Just to update and close this out. After recreating the next day, it went away. Not sure what the cause was.

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