Data Manipulation plugin

I’m setting up a panel with the data manipulation plugin. The goal is for the user to fill in information to provide feedback, and this information will be sent to the table in the database. However, if the information is not properly filled in the plugin, I want an error message to appear. I’m trying to configure this within the custom code, but even though I include the error and the condition with the message, it’s not working. Could you help me troubleshoot this?

// Verificar si se proporcionó una observación al descartar la alerta
if (decision === "descartar" && (!observacion || observacion.length <= 0)) {
  console.error("Error: Se requiere una observación para descartar la alerta");
  // Aquí puedes mostrar una alerta en Grafana

@heidymunevar What exactly is not working? Error is not displayed?

Exactly, Error is not displayed like a message

@heidymunevar You need to use notifyError to display notification: