Dashboards- combining all values in a field

I want to combine all the values in my “Use Time” field. I’d prefer to know the way to do it with SQL, but chart options/override/transform works too.
It seems like it should be fairly simple. I tried to sum( it but that didn’t work. Avg( also didn’t work.

what kind of database is this? and what data type is Use Time. Right now what we are seeing is string values
“0.202 day”

this is BMC Helix dashboards but it functions very similarly to Grafana.
the Use Time field is how long someone is using a license, but it is creating a new row every time someone logs in. Instead I would like to have every license type only show 1 value for use time.

but the value of that column is string. you cant sum up string unless maybe you strip down the rest of the string values and leave the numerical values

I had formatted the field a little. this is the unformatted version. it is now in seconds.

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