Data transformations in timeseries

Hello everyone!

I have an influx database with records, I use this format: “client_userType” and the numerical value which is the number of users of the client.

However, I do not have a value that adds up the total number of users, to know, in general, how many users a specific client has.

I would like to be able to combine this into a total, adding the values and if it is possible that when clicking on them you can see what they are composed of.

For example, add the psyma clients that are 2 of type “cati” and 2 of type “auto” and have something like “total_psyma” and when you click you see 2 of type “cati” and 2 of “auto”. But without clicking you would see 4.

Would it be possible?

thank you very much to all