Dashboard with datasource parameter doesn't actually allow to change datasource (i.e. node exporter full)

I run a grafana instance that accesses two prometheus instances (prometheus-local, prometheus-remote) currently only scraping a few clients running Node Exporter. More details about versions, etc. on the bottom.

If I import the dashboard Node Exporter Full it works fine with the datasource initially selected on import of the dashboard, i.e. “prometheus-local”.

But here comes the “problem”: The node exporter dashboard has a datasource dropdown, so I would expect I can basically change the datasource on-the-fly (i.e. to “prometheus-remote”) with this drop down and view everything from the changed datasource, as I can easily do with the Host drop down for example. But the datasource parameter doesn’t change anything, although “prometheus-remote” is selected in the drop down, I’m still viewing data from “prometheus-local”, the original datasource.

I was only able to make it work, by rolling out the dashboard twice, changing the name and uid of the dashboard, to be able to see all datasources, so I have
Node Exporter Full - prometheus-local
Node Exporter Full - prometheus-remote

This seems kind of impractical, as I would have to set up the same Dashboard over and over again, just for using a different datasource.

Any hints are welcome. I couldn’t find anything similar by googling, searching the grafana docs and this board.

I have a setup with the following parameters:
1x Graphana 6.7.3 (Debian 9), running with one of the the two prometheus instances
2x Prometheus 2.17.2 (Debian 9)
4x Clients with Node Exporter 0.18.1 (Debian 9)

Thanks in advance.