Dashboard not displaying as expected - discontinuos lines on left margin with small time spans

Hi all,
I have a problem with a dashboard I’m building and I need some help to find a way to fix it (if any).

I have setup a dashboard that use as a source opentsdb, the dashboard displays latency data (a single metric called icmp.latency.avg) from a monitoring server to multiple hosts. In the dashboard, I split the metric values based on their tag (which is the name of the monitored host)
Also, the values returned by the different hosts are not synchronized, so let’s say that, in a span window of 5 minutes, for one server I have a first value at time zero, for another at time 20seconds, for a third at time 35secs, etc… and in the same time range some hosts might have 5 values, some might have 10, etc…

The problem that I have in the dashboard visualization is that, lines are connected only between the points that are displayed in the time range and, as a result, the graphed latency line will start at 0seconds only if I have a point at zero seconds, for the other hosts, the latency line starts some time later where I have the first point.
The overall effect is that I see discontinuous lines on the left margin of the dashboard that disappear/move when I change the time span. What I would expect instead/would like to see instead is that all lines are continuous on their left margin and the graph will consider the dots that are not currently displayed (because out of the time window) to make the line continuous.
Note: of course, if I use big time spans, the problem is smoothed out and I don’t see discontinuous lines.

Is there any way to get continuous lines for small time spans?

Any help is appreciated!