Dashboard for expiry certificates in Grafana


we use letsenrypt certificates or other certificates. We have a lot of servers and i want to have an overwie about our server and they certificates expiry.
Is it possible to create a query or dashboard in Grafana or do i have install prometheus on every Server ? When yes, how exactly to set this?

Thank you.

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You only need one grafana server, then a single Prometheus server , then Prometheus can scrape all your servers


thanks for your reply. I have already an prometheus Server, but how do i scrape on every server that i have the certificate expiry? On every Cient/Server i have Metricbeat and filebeat installed. They send the data to Prometheus. And with Grafana i can get the data from Prometheus. So far, what do i have to set in Metricbeat or Filebeat? Or do i have install another on every Client/Server? Thank you