Daily consumption shows time in timeline instead of the day


I have a database (Maria DB 10 from Openhab) in this is in 30s cycle the current meter reading.

Now I want to calculate the daily consumption with Grafana and display it graphically from the last days.

The works so far, only he always calculates from 02:00-02:00. I can still live with it. But unfortunately it always shows only the time in the graphic, only when I go over it with the mouse I see the date. How can I change this?

Thanks a lot

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you might want to spend some time exploring the bar chart plugin in Grafana. It uses a different data model than the timeseries panel, so you will need to adjust your data using transformation or on the DB side.

But, it can group values along the x axis according to arbitrary strings, like the days of the week. Perhaps this could work?

Thanks for the tip, I now have
added “Prepare time series”.

Now I have only 2 problems,

  1. The sorting doesn’t work anymore (latest above).
    if I add again “sort by” it does not work


  1. Can I where the format still change, that e.g. the time is not displayed, or the weekday instead of the date?

Thanks a lot

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encountered the same problem. is there any solution?