Custom Time Range Option

Hi guys,

Is it possible to limit the list of Time Range available for all Dashboards (or a specific one)?

Sometimes, when the user select a long period (like one or two years), it tooks so long and our source (ElasticSearch) is unavailable. (and no, we can’t boost the ES :wink: )



I too would like to be able to:

a) remove some of the default time ranges from the selection list, in order to
make it smaller, cleaner and simpler for our purposes

b) add named ranges of our own definition, which may not make sense for
everyone, but in our environment would be very helpful to be able to choose
from a list instead of having to define manually each time.

As a further feature request, I’d like to be able to offer users things like:

“Mondays to Fridays over the past month” (and 3 months, etc)

“9am to 5pm over the past 7 days” (and 28 days, etc)

In other words, a combination of time periods and date periods, not just a
simple “from A to B” selection.

I know that’s not as simple as the original request, but if someone can take a
look at the time selection dialog and add the facility to remove some of the
defaults and add new named ranges, maybe it’s possible to add this facility as



For us also this is a very important requirement.
Is there any workaround for this?

Just wanted to bump this thread. This would also be nice if there was a work around of some sort?