cURL not found on Grafana 6.6.2 Alpine image

In our environment, Grafana with Zabbix plugin runs in a container, the only container in a pod on a K8s cluster, which will create a new Grafana pod when the existing one crashes.

The Grafana provisioning method does not work for Grafana with Zabbix plugin.

  • Grafana provisioning is done during container launching, at which time Zabbix plugin has not been enabled.
  • thus, provisioning fails as the options not being available

The workaround we use is leveraging API calls in poststart hook of Grafana pod, to firstly enable Zabbix plugin, and then create data sources and dashboards. The API calls are made from the Grafana container with cURL command.

When upgrading to Grafana 6.6.2, creating Grafana pod failed with error message ‘/bin/sh: curl: not found’

I’d much appreciate if you could help on

  • adding curl on Alpine image
  • and/or adding/enabling Zabbix plugin on Alpine image

Any ideas and inputs would be much appreciated!

Reading through release notes, it is realized that the base image for Grafana version 6.3.3 (current version in our env) is ubuntu:18:04, while the base image for Grafana 6.6.2 is Alpine 3.10.

Upgrade succeeded with image tag 6.6.2-ubuntu, in which curl exists.