Curl not available in docker grafana image

I’m using the docker image (grafana/grafana:7.4.3). I see there is no curl as part of it.
The grafana API mentioned is a HTTP API and all the example requests and responses use curl. If the maintainers decided to remove curl, may I know what alternative is there so as to perform the request/response from inside the container ?

I understand that we need to deploy, run the image then expose the port and use the curl commands from the host.

But my scenario (I’m using k8s for grafana deployment) needs the usage of curl:

  1. Pulling grafana as part of the k8s.
  2. Before the image is successfully pulled, I’m adding a command in the spec (given below). Please ignore the admin:admin combo for username and password I’m using. It’ll be changed before the deployment from Dev to QA/Stage.
  3. Once the BEARER_TOKEN is exported to env, I’m fetching dashboards from a volume mounted. These dashboards are in the JSON format in line with the HTTP API import curl command.

Keeping in view my scenario, can anyone suggest ideas which can by pass the need/usage of curl ?

command: ["/bin/sh", "-c", "apk --no-cache add curl jq && curl -X POST -H \"Content-Type: application/json\" -d '{\"name\":\"apikeycurl\", \"role\": \"Admin\"}' http://admin:admin@localhost:3000/api/auth/keys -o /tmp/file.json && export BEARER_TOKEN=$(jq .key /tmp/file.json | grep -o '\".*\"' | sed 's/\"//g')"]