Curl was included back in the git master branch but not in any of the docker images


I am migrating from grafana 4.6.2 to 5.3.0. One of the breaking changes was removal of cURL in the image. I see that it was added back in the master branch as part of this git issue But I am not able to see it being included in any of the docker images

grafana@873f7982c8fa:/usr/share/grafana$ curl

bash: curl: command not found

for all the recent images (5.3.0, latest, master)

Does anyone know why this change did not make it to any of the docker image?

Context: I am using cURL to fetch MySQL password from a secure server in a shell script and running that as an entrypoint for grafana container.


curl was removed when we stopped using it in the Dockerfile ourselves. I’ll add it back in but it will not get in until we release the next release (unless you run master). In the meantime I’d suggest building your own Docker image for Grafana.