CSV file as a datasource?


I have excel sheet which contains data that is populating from mysql db for every 10 mins. I have a requirement that i need to read data from that CSV file to grafana dashboard and populate the graphs.
Is there any way to do that from grafana, if so please let me know the steps to follow.

I know we can use mysql datasource and connect directly to mysql db but the problem here is we don’t want to put burden on production database as it is effecting db performance.


There’s no support for CSV file as a datasource as far as I’m aware. I found some related links:

If you don’t want to put burden on your production database I would suggest creating an integration and import data to another database that you can use in Grafana. Another option could be to import data to a time series database that Grafana supports, for example Graphite or Influxdb.