Creation of a graphic for a non time query

Hi there,
I’ve been trying to create graphics coming from my Postgres database. Is not a timing graphic, the X-axis is count values of a query made like this:

“select count(country) as total ,country from ip_country group by country;”

So, I have selected the format table query, but when I go to Axes to select in X the mode I’m not able to select nothing. If I start again the whole query in time format, then the mode is available again, I can select mode series, value count or max, but there is no field name and then I get the error
" no field name specified to use for x-axis, check…"

Any help would be very appreciated
Kind regards, Daniel.

Try this:

SELECT count(country) AS value,
NOW() as time,
country AS metric
FROM ip_country 
GROUP BY country;

and select Series in x-axes

Muchas gracias!
Ha funcionado !

Que bien, Me alegro mucho!