Creating Dynamic Threshold on Panel


I’m trying to create a dynamic threshold in a graph panel. I’ve read topic posts before but as far as I can see there is no solution for this. But if I explain my problem, maybe I can find an alternative solution.

I use SQL as a datasource and show a time dependent temperature curve in the graph panel. At the same time, there are fixed min and max values ​​that I keep logging in the same period. Min and max values ​​change only in winter and summer. So it is not progressing steadily all year round. Therefore, although I want to show min and max values ​​as threshold, I cannot enter a fixed value on the graph panel. I have to show it as a new query. It would be great to have a solution for this problem. Visually, the solution I am applying now is not satisfactory. Maybe there is a way to add dynamic threshold or there is a way I can convert it to summer and winter mode via a button (maybe list). I will be glad if you help.

I’m looking for this answer as well. Did you ever find a solution.