Creating alerts & Best Practices

Hi All,

A bit of background:
We have set up a new grafana install and have AWS Cloudwatch & Prometheus data sources added. I have imported a few dashboards and customised them as we would like.

One of which is this one:

On the dashboard the monitor I have set up is as follows -
probe_success{instance=~"$target", job="$App"}

our environment consists of various production, staging and test servers (their host names indicate which environment they are part of)

For example:

I’m trying to create an alert to monitor the HTTP response for ONLY the production servers.

My alert code is as below:
probe_success{job = “nameofjob”}

My issue is that this will alert on ALL failures even on our staging/test environments which I do not want.

I don’t believe we can use variables in alerts - or if we can I havn’t been able to get it working.

What is the best way to segment alerts so that I am not notified of issues with our staging/test environments?

Many Thanks!

Have I posted this in the wrong place?

Have I worded my question in a confusing way? I would think this is quite widely done by other users, if not can anyone suggest an alternative way to achieve what I am attempting?

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its not just you… it seems the Grafana community doesnt know :slight_smile: I have issues with my alerts too and nobody seems to know the answer :frowning:

Create separate modules in blackbox then alert based on module/job