Grafana Notifications Problem

I have question regarding grafana notifcations. Why does grafana don’t allow use of the template variables in queries? I am facing problem while setting up alert on prometheus node exporter full dashboard. When i change the node variable to ip and port in one pannel of dashboard it changes it for every job in dashboard. Below are two images attached for reference. I changed the node and job variable in Prometheus-System job and it is now delflecting in Webserver-System Job ?
How can i setup alerts if this is grafana behaviour ?


Alerting is not supported when you are using variables.

Btw, I noticed that your variables are not working correctly.
If you want to change instance or job by picking the field you need - you should use $Job or $Host in your query, e.g. node_memory_memtotal_bytes{instance="$Host",job="$Job"}

I recommend you to use regexp in your query and choose all instances and jobs you need. So that, you will be able to make alerts, because there will be no variables.