Created panel has no data

Hello I appriciate this has been asked before but not really answered for us beginners.

I have some tasty data from unifi, and want to lay it out in my own way on the home screen, I select the panel I want then create library panel

When I add it to home screen, there is no data. Comments on the net are I need to add another data source. I dont want another data source I want the same info.

Can some explain more clearly what I need to do? when I click edit it appears to have all the info in there.

One other thing, Can I not save over the home screen? I have home copy but the home button takes me to the home screen, I want the home button to take me to my custom page?

Hi @garethsnaim and welcome to the forum.

I apologize but can you help us understand how and where you are running grafana? Can you take screenshots of what you are trying to achieve and what happened?

What other posts or links did you read?

Hi There,

Sorry probably have not explained very well. I am new to grafana,

Its running inside docker on unraid, UNpoller and influxDB on other dockers, everything is communicating and I am receiving data.

I have used some of the ready made templates but my plan was just to pick a few charts from each of those templates and have it on my own screen. I click the little drop down for that graph and then more then create library panel.

Back at my created home screen I add that library panel.

As can be seen however there is no data. Other post around the web suggest I have to add date points for the graph, but I just want it to use the data points it was using, its somewhat intimidating!

Have you tried created a fresh panel from scratch and manually copying the query?