Unable to add any panel type except the default

I installed Grafana for the for the first time and set up a data source from influxdb. I am attempting to build my first dashboard but it appears that the core plugins aren’t installed. I would like to create a graph panel, however when I create a new dashboard, I do not get the option to create a graph. I should be able to create a panel that is a graph, text, singlehost, ect but it only allows me to add the default panel. Please see attached image. Any help you could provide would be much appreciated.

I forgot to add I’m using Grafana v7.3.0-test. Also I wanted to include an image of what I believe it should look like:


You need to click on the “Add new panel” blue button. Then you should see the edit view for your new panel (the default visualization should be a graph):

And on the right, there is a “Visualization” tab that allow you to choose your visualization type (you may need to open it but for me it’s open by default).

The screenshot you shared is quite old, did you see it in the documentation? If so, could you tell us where so we can update it?