Create User List?


I’m new to Grafana, and I’m using it with Telegraf and InfluxDB.

I would like to make a graph that list all connected users on a windows server. I already created a custom script that collects this data and send it to InfluxDB.

I tried a lot of things but don’t find how to make the graph with Grafana !

1st Question =
What should be the form of my data with InfluxDB ?
This is the values I’m currently sending to InfluxDB =
logged_users,users=rdp value=“user1”
logged_users,users=rdp value=“user2”
logged_users,users=rdp value=“user3”

Is this correct ?

2nd Question =
How can I make the graph list under Grafana ?
It seems also complicated to work with string value like I want to do. When I’m creating the graph and the query, I’m only able to return the last value (so the last username).

I just want a simple graph that will list the users like this =

  • user1
  • user2
  • user3

Great thx for your time & help !