Create a self contained dashboard

I used the snapshot API to create a snapshot. The response provides a URL to view the snapshot.

However, I’d like to avoid providing that URL and want to render the page as a downloadable self contained HTML page.

It seems the only way to do this is to use selenium or some headless browser, but that failed with an error for me because this is running in a pod with an obscure base OS etc.

Any ideas for me to export dashboards as a self-contained entity? Many thanks

If you can consider a full screenshot image of the dashboard, I would like to point you towards image-renderer plug-in, but I’m not sure if it’s going to work since you got that “running in a pod with an obscure base OS etc” thing.

It’s in a pod, so there’s no UI. Moreover, it can’t even render because it fails to visit the URL. I tried 2 very different ways to render like that. Both railed.

It sounds like the only option is to reinvent the dashboard. Not liking this option

Mentioned image render plugin is native way for Grafana rendering in headless browser (Chromium in this case). So I wouldn’t reinvent a wheel with custom selenium, headless browser and I would use a solution, which is already used by others.

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Do you want it to be as interactive as the real thing or just an image of the viz

I don’t know what the execs will go for. I’m looking for options. Maybe we should be collecting their data remotely so that snapshots aren’t needed. But that won’t scale easily.

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Execs usually have no idea what they want so you need to come up with few options and help them choose

  1. Image rendering
  2. Just simple screen shot and email it to them
  3. Export to pdf

That’s more less enteprise feature: reporting. It renders each panel separately by using image renderer and then it creates pdf.

There is no simple screenshoting - try it with longer dashboard and you will discover that scrolling on the dasbord is challenge.

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