Create 24h heatmap for Cloudwatch API gateway usage


We have data inside cloudwatch (api gateway call count )which we would like to visualize in a heatmap like the picture below.
We have selected the Heatmap Visualization, however we are not able to get the data correct. On the Y axis, we would like to have the weekdays, and on the X-axis we would like to have the hour (24 hour). Than the color should indicate what the amount of traffic was which was used.
I only get the result where the Y axis indicates the amount of calls, but not the days …

Do we have to add expressions to enable this, or how can we achieve this graphic?
Thanks in advance!

Kind regards

The built-in heatmap currently doesn’t support time for the Y axis. While it’s not exactly what you’re describing, have you looked at the Carpet plot? It puts the hour of the day on the Y-axis and the days on the X axis.

Unfortunately, it’s not being maintained anymore, so I’m looking at migrating it to the new plugin platform in Grafana 7.0. You can check it out here:

Okay thank you for the quick response. I will try to install this plugin and see if it suits the requirements we have.