Connection timed out issue while trying to connect postgres database


I’m new here and I’m trying to connect my postgres DB to grafana.
I have an issue trying to connect it. The error message is : “dial tcp connect: connection timed out”
I have filled the parameters of the connexion as followed:

I think the parameters are the good ones because when I enter them in the postgres SQL shell, I manage to see the datas.
I don’t use docker.

I have seen other topic on this issue but I haven’t found someting that really helped me to solve the problem.


Have you tested with tenet-like or nmap-like tools in order to guarantee network openness?

I mean, assure that you can reach .48 server by port 5453 from your Grafana server.


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Thanks for your help!
I just installed nmap tool and tried to scan my IP adress from it.
Indeed I can’t reach this IP.
Do you know how I could solve it?
Sorry I’m a begginer and I don’t feel comfortable with network configuration…

Your best bet at this point is probably to ask whomever does manage the
network you’re working on.


Depends on who administers the network and servers. If you have under your tasks these roles, you could check your Grafana server firewall rules in order to open it to connect to Postgres. if you have an external FW you have the analogous procedure until the Postgres server.

Ensure that both servers have the right network channels (for example, VLANs) or whether are in the same network.