Connection Timed Out Error

Hello Community;
i have got a Problem with the connection between my MySQL Database and Grafana.
I always get the same Error message:
dial tcp “myIP”:3306: connect: connection timed out

It would be nice if you guys could help me.


Greetings Lars

I have exactly the same issue.
I don’t undertsand why, please somebody could help me…


Same problem here. Any updates?

Also I have the same problem… can anyone help please!

For anyone with this problem - have you started by checking that the machine
Grafana is running on can connect to port 3306 on the machine that MySQL is
running on?

telnet MySQL.IP.addr.ess 3306

If that works, then it’s worth looking into why Grafana can’t do it, but if
that doesn’t work, it’s not Grafana’s fault - you simpy don’t have network
connectivity to your MyQL server, or else it’s not listening on the IP address
you’re trying to connect to.

The check the first, try (again, from the Grafana machine):

traceroute -n MySQL.IP.addr.ess

If it gives up before reaching the IP of your MySQL server, you have a network
routing problem, nothing to do with Grafana.

If that works and you reach the MySQL server, log in to that machine and

netstat -lptn

Look for anything with :3306 in the “Local address” column (and also “mysqld”
in the “Program name” column, assuming you ran the command as root) and check
that what immediately precedes the :3306 is either “”, or “::”, or the
IP address you’re telling Grafana to connect to.

If it’s none of those (and especially if it’s then you haven’t told
MySQL to listen for connections from other machines, and again, that’s not a
Grafana problem.

I hope that helps,


Same issue. Postgres db running locally, setting up data source now gives timeout issue even though last week connecting with the same parameters worked fine.

Dear Antony,

thanks for your reply, I am new to grafana, there’s no need to mention that the problem is caused by others and not by grafana, it’s just that I would like to solve the problem if it is possible.

Grafana seems to me as a very powerful instrument and I would like to get it running.

The commands you listed where helpful, at least I discovered that my mysql server is not reachable using telnet. But how can I solve this problem? Is it possible for grafana to read the database using a page on my domain (from which I have access to my database)?

Thank you,