Grafana v10.2.3 with postgres datasource

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Grafana v10.2.3. Deployed as an app service using docker

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    I am trying to create postgres data source. I have given host url, database name, user and password. After clicking Save and Test, getting error “[sqleng.connectionError] failed to connect to server - please inspect Grafana server log for details”. and in the logs, I see this

logger=tsdb.postgres t=2024-02-29T05:06:00.51831736Z level=error msg=“Check health failed” error=“dial tcp :5432: connect: connection timed out”
2024-02-29T05:06:00.520789906Z: [INFO] logger=tsdb.postgres t=2024-02-29T05:06:00.518877293Z level=error msg=“Query error” err=“dial tcp :5432: connect: connection timed out”

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Database connection is Ok

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Can someone please help me with this ?


Hi @ahareesh have you figured out a solution for this problem? I have a very similar issue where I am experiencing the same behavior and error. Please and thank you