Connection reset by peer after following grafana tutorial (prometheus + node exporter)


Recently I installed node exporter + prometheus in order to have monitoring on my proxmox server. I followed the guide on grafana website: Monitoring a Linux host using Prometheus and node_exporter | Grafana Cloud documentation

I installed node exporter on my server + prometheus with the following yaml

Then I created a dashboard, and data are here, after that I created some alert rules as you can see below:

But sometimes I received error email, but data are fine, no error logs but the only error message I get is on the alert dashboard:

failed to query data: Post “”: read tcp> read: connection reset by peer

What is the meaning of this error ? is an google cloud server and I dont know

Do you have any idea ? Its annoiyng I received false positive mail :frowning: The error is present 2/3 times during a day but only during 1mn…

A second sreenshot:

Data are sent to grafana cloud