Connect AWS Prometheus to Grafana Cloud


I’m trying to connecto AWS Managed Prometheus to Grafana Cloud, but when installing the AWS Data sources plugin and chosing Prometheus, it doesn’t seem to connect to my AWS account. Which is understandable, since this seems to be a server side operation.

How do I connect my AWS account to my Grafana Cloud?

Kind Regards, Kristian

Generate IAM user with proper AMP permissions and Access Key ID/Secret and use it in the Prometheus “SigV4 Auth Details” (that must be enabled in the Grafana explicitly). Make sure you have correct AMP URL configured.

Grafana Cloud doesn’t seem to have SigV4 for Prometheus?

Sigv4 is not enable by default on Grafana Cloud but you can open a Support ticket from your account portal and the Support team can enable it for you. See: Configuration | Grafana Labs

Thank you. Didn’t know I hade to do this!