Concatenate table and assemble by specific entry from 2 different queries

I’m running a raid rack and monitore it by snmp using prometheus. I want the logs in the daschbord. However the event string and the event time requires to get to seperate queries.

Now I’m trying to concatenate them in a single table. However I cannot match the “evtTableIdx” as shown in the image, such as the event string is linked to the wrong timestamp.

How can I concatenate by mathing the right “evtTableIdx”?

Welcome @yannmunich to the Den of Dashboards, aka the Grafana forum.

I cannot really offer much help, but it seems the Merge transformation would be the correct transformation. Have you already tried that?

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Yes, with an intermediate sort transform, where a sort both queries the same way I can merge them correctly. Thx for the hint!