Comparison for performance monitor data for same host and same metrics

Hi exports,

I have an asking about comparing in the performance test.
when I monitor system status during the benchmarks, I will collect data.
But I’d like to compare several rounds data at the same panel, I don’t like ‘split’ mode that will put them into the individual panels.
I think the X-axis is starting from 0 and ending at duration of performance test. data series will be the same benchmark index on the same host, but time windows are different. but the panel didn’t need to display the different of time-range. looks like:

The current graph panel is designed to visualize time series data. Unfortunately, it’s not possible to plot duration on the X-axis (although a cool idea for a panel plugin). I imagine this would be useful for monitoring any type of batch jobs as well.

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sorry sir,
I’m a newbie here, IF I can design a plugin for my idea, I mean if grafana support to do this.

No need to apologize, we’re all newbies at some point :slight_smile:

If you want to request this as a feature in the current graph, you can submit an enhancement request.

If you want to try making your own plugin, check out the tutorial for how to Build a panel plugin.

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