Compare two data set on the same Panel

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I need to compare the CPU/memory/load usage over time (1hr range) of different timelines on the same panel. I can pass the time range through a variable like timerange1 and timerange2.

It should be a merged graph of the above graph.

Note : Time range (1 & 2) out of the time range selection.

Guide me on this.

you didn’t mention your datasource, but if it’s Prometheus, you can use the offset modifier in your query for getting data from different time ranges.

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It’s an Influxdb 1.8

Although I may not have the answer right now to what you are looking for but for InfluxDB, found this post where it explain similar scenario

So there is a function called timeShift() that might can help you out when using the query builder.

For my scenario. I ran two tests with different timelines, but the total duration (x minutes) of the tests are the same. And I want to compare the same metrics CPU, memory, and throughput. For an individual run, I can able to set up the required panels.

Is there an option to bypass time and use templating value group to plot both timeline metrics on the same panel (may be I’m wrong)?

Or transform option ?

Or guide me on how to achieve this.

since you display result of calculation of two value series with same number of values ( you don’t need your timestamp anymore ) time is irrelevant for this
you have to join this two data table on unique ID and soustract value columns to get the result.

to get your different timeline you can add hadock value to range function to get constant timeshifting

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