Compare to Previous Period

One of the convenient features some visualization tools have is comparison of the data displayed to the overlay shifted 1 day (1 week etc)

So for example I can easily compare CPU usage today to CPU usage yesterday and see if it is unusual for that time of day.

This is easy done specifically in Prometheus query but it requires work for every dashboard

I wonder if there is any thought to integrate it in some sort of “Panel Tools” functionality or might be explore more ?

This feature is already from version 2


Let me clarify my question. It is Indeed possible you can get into the editing dashboard and change it to have time series with offset. This is however very complicated.

In my environment I’m providing users with read only dashboards and I would like to understand if there is a feature for them to simply say time shifted data overlay without needing to EDIT dashboard (and potentially change dashboard for other users)

Or am I missing something ? Here is what I see for the full view of the read only dashboard

did you find a solution?