Comments in math expression possible?

Dear all,

please excuse a probably silly newbie question: Is there a way to add comments to a math expression in grafana? Problem is, my expression ist getting too complicated and I keep losing track…



There are no silly questions. Can you show us what you are trying to do. What data source is this math applied to and what version of grafana.

Thanks for the Welcome,

I’m just doing some calculations in a grafana dashboard for my solar plant, which work fine so far but aren’t quite correct yet:

($B * 0.001 * 0.0663) + ((($G - $I) - ($C-$H)) * 0.001 * 0.2678) + ($I *0.001 * 0.5093)

I’d simply like to maybe add a second line to remember what every part stands for, as it’s getting more and more confusing…

What is your data source?
you can edit those query names ie $B to be more meaningful then no need for comments


That shoud work, thanks! Didn’t know I could edit the names…

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