InfluxDB query - expression without Operation - Math


Grafana 9.3.6 (docker grafana/grafana:latest)
influxdb 1.8 (docker official image)
Linux Ubuntu22.04 + docker

I’m currently trying to migrate old dashboards (7.5.5) to my current Grafana system. In this dashboard there are some calculations on queries in a way like
“datasource”: “${DS___EXPR__}”,
“expression”: “$A+($C-abs($C)+$B-abs($B))/2”,
“hide”: false,
“refId”: “verbrauchte Solarleistung”,
“type”: “math”
realized by Expression → Operation Math. Exactly these terms has been vanished when importing the old dashboard and even cannot be recreated manually, as in expressions there don’t appear any ‘operations’ options at all.


Still in the documentation they are mentioned: Write expression queries | Grafana documentation

What am I missing here?


Thanks, Jangaraj, that was the right hint. With the latest grafana:latest docker (which runs 9.5.2) the behaviour changed in the expected way, so the operations Math are back again.