Column filters are getting cleared with page refresh

Hi there,

Is anyone having issues where table column filters where when set are getting cleared automatically after a minute or so or when one hits the manual refresh button?

I am using Grafana version 7.2.2 and I have enabled custom column filter


When I set a filter on 1 or more columns, they are either automatically cleared or can be cleared with with manual refresh button.

Expected behavior is for filters to be manually cleared using the clear button on the column filter.


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This issue appears to have been resolved in the later versions

Do you know in which version? I am using 7.3.5 an the issue still exists.

It seem that the auto clearing of the filter after a minute is fixed in version 7.3.2 (my current version) but doing browser refresh still clears the filters…that may be normal behavior depending how you view the role of the filters?