Color in Influx on a table

Hello Everyone, trying to set color either to the value status: pass or fail or to the entire row on my table. Green if has “pass” and red if it has “fail”.

Im using Grafana v7.1.5

You can do it very simply by using field overrides:

  1. Do to Field Overrides
  2. Click on Override by field
  3. Choose Field by field and pick the column name for overrides (for you it would be - status)
  4. Click on Add override property and choose Value mappings and map your text values to number values. E.g.: fail = 0, pass = 1
  5. Click on Add override property and choose Tresholds.
  6. Set up tresholds and colors. E.g. 0 → red, 1 → green
  7. Click on Add override property and choose Cell display mode and choose Color background.

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@ivanahuckova thank you, this really helped but is there a way to have a string instead of a number. I want to display pass or fail not 1 or 10.

There is unfortunately no way to do that now. You can follow this github issue for updates on this feature request.

I have 1 more idea. I know it is not ideal, but maybe could be suitable option for you. You could (kind of) duplicate the column using Add field from calculation. Create a column named status_color. And then use field overrides on that duplicated column. And that way you would have both - status & status color.

Again, not ideal, just an idea. :slight_smile:

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