Color table rows by text column

Using grafana 6.01, I am pulling in a table with a number of processes and their status which can be OK, Warning or Critical. I want to color each row in the table based on the value, but I have not found any way of doing that. I have tried to map the status values to numbers, i.e. OK=>0, Warning =>1, Critical =>2 and I can use that column to color the rows -as long as I display it, but as this column has no value for the end users, I do not want to show the numbers. I have also tried to fetch the numerical column, map the numerical values to text, but in no case I manage to color the rows based on the textual values. Am I overlooking something, or is this a bug or missing feature in 6.0? It seems to be the same problem as Grafana 6.0. Cannot color table cell

I know grafana 7 has been released, but I have no time to do that upgrade yet.

I have a similar requirement, but it doesn’t seem to be available in Grafana 7 either.
And it is also good to color table cell by regex, not just full-word matching.