Color groupings for related series

I have a graph that shows the output of a single prometheus query, that the legend then breaks down by “instance number” (1-3) and “region” (eu-west-1, eu-west-2, eu-central-1).

Right now I have regex overrides set for each combination:

  • node-1-eu-west-1: green1
  • node-2-eu-west-1: green2
  • node-3-eu-west-1: green3
  • node-1-eu-central-1: purple1
  • node-2-eu-central-1: purple2


Is it possible to assign color groups (i.e. green, or purple) and have grafana pick a different shade for each match?

In the event we move to 4 nodes in each region, I currently have to go and update a lot of graphs to add the new variation - where I’d like to be able to say “color all things in eu-west-1 different shades of green”

Hope that makes sense.